Distribution of Information by County Governmental Entities

The League of Women Voters of Clermont County believes that all governmental entities in Clermont County, Ohio have a higher responsibility to their constituents than the minimum legal requirements for disseminating information. The reasons are (1) the fragmented nature of the County and the vast number of governmental jurisdictions affecting citizens of the County, and (2) the lack of daily media coverage of the County’s various governmental activities. We believe that at a minimum, each of these entities should strive (a) to make available to the public an easily accessible calendar of all meetings and the agenda for such meetings and (b) to make the minutes of all meetings equally accessible. This information should be provided to the public as soon as possible, striving to give notice of meetings and contents of the agenda at the earliest possible time. In providing this information to as many citizens as possible, governmental entities need to take advantage of as many available types of media as possible.

Position adopted May 22, 2001.

Children’s Services

The League of Women Voters of Clermont County (LWVCC) supports a Children’s Services system to protect and care for the neglected, abused or dependent child, as mandated by state law, and to provide care and treatment for the juvenile substance abuser and emotionally disturbed child. The League supports measures to promote security and stability for the child realizing that the health and safety of the child is the primary concern. The LWVCC supports measures to provide adequate funding for children through a creative mix of county, state and federal monies.

Position adopted October 1984, Amended May, 1999.

Growth in Clermont County

The board agreed to recommend continued study on “Growth in Clermont County” with possibility of reaching consensus on the issue. This was included as a “broad recommended” study in 1998 and was voted on at the 1999 annual meeting.

Clermont Senior Services

The League of Women Voters of Clermont County supports offering a broad range of quality home and community services that enable older adults to remain active and independent as long as possible. Funding for these services should come from a variety of sources including levies, organizations such as United Way and the Council on Aging, foundations, and participant donations.

Concurrence on Position reached at March 24, 1998 General Meeting; Position adopted May, 1998.

Distribution of Local Government Fund and Revenue Assistance Fund

The LWVCC supports having the distribution formulas of the Local Government Fund and Revenue Assistance Fund developed by Clermont County officials. Although the Local Government Fund does not require review at this time, the League recommends that both funds be reviewed. The League does not support using the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) formulas for allocation of funds.

As the formulas are developed, the following factors should be considered (listed in alphabetical order): needs, other revenue sources, population, services provided, and valuation. To minimize adverse affects on any community, the League recommends that current percentage of budget provided to each entity by these funds be considered when developing any new formula.

The League encourages long term planning and cooperation among government agencies to meet the needs of all entities or parties involved. Any allocation of these funds for county-wide or regional projects should be decided by consensus among townships, villages, the city of Milford, and the County. Any allocation of funds for county-wide projects should be subject to periodic review and revision.

Changes made in either fund should be phased in so that the changes are both timely and least disruptive to local or county operations. The League supports scheduled, periodic review of these formulas to ensure that they continue to meet the needs of the various entities.

Position adopted January, 1997